Counting Cars: After Hours

About the Series

Can’t get enough of Danny and the crew??Counting Cars: After Hours?is an exclusive five-episode web series that delves deeper into the lives of Danny and the Count’s Kustoms staff after the shop doors close–when believe it or not, their days are just getting started.

Count’s Tattoo Shop?– Danny brings us along to his tattoo parlor where we meet the artists and customers and get the stories behind their ink.

Roli Goes Hunting?– Grandpa and Shannon are avid hunters, but they aren’t prepared for what happens when they take Roli out for his inaugural experience.

Mack Daddy?– Kevin, the general manager at Count’s Kustoms takes on a whole new role at home—“big daddy.”

Horny Mike?– Horny Mike is not just an airbrush artist, but an engineer, entrepreneur and a designer–tag along as he creates something special for a new customer.

Count’s 77 – Danny’s talents extend far beyond cars. Get a front-row seat as Danny and his band, Count’s?77, ?rock the house with an original song at Danny’s bar Vamp’d.

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